About Us

Alaqaree means real estate in Arabic. Alaqaree.com's brand power comes from its name.

Alaqaree.com is the first modern global real estate platform, bringing all Arab nations together with technology while combining 17 years of local knowledge, and regional leadership.

Alaqaree.com has been marketing your properties through the greatly trusted global real estate platform and through social media accounts to a population of approximately 500 million, which includes Arab investment partnerships and Arab buyers in the Middle East, North Africa, and Global.

Due to the changing sector conditions and the increasing demand, Alaqaree.com, which provides investment consultancy to the Arab investor portfolio has turned into a corporate global real estate platform.

Alaqaree.com provides Arabs, Global buyers, and investors with advantages such as searching for investment opportunities online without traveling, communicating with reliable sellers, and following the global real estate market closely.

In Alaqaree.com advertisers has the opportunity to sell and rent properties by directly communicating with the customers.

Our Clients

Advertisers on Alaqaree.com are local, regional and global real estate developers, property owners, real estate consultants, and real estate marketing companies.

Our Services

  • Multilingual Platform
  • Exclusive Audience
  • Local, Regional, and Worldwide Ads
  • Professional Translation
  • Auto Currency Conversion

Our platform is published in Arabic and English in order to reach and interact with the maximum potential real estate customers.

Alaqaree.com is owned and managed by ATS PORTAL FZC which based in UAE.